To be eligible for the CCSP Program participants must>>>>>
Be eligible for Medicaid
Applicants must be a resident of Georgia
must be 65 years or older or physically disabled
Functional and financial eligibility requirements must be met.
Applicants must have physical limitations and require the level of care provided in a nursing home.
Documentation from a doctor must be provided.
Require nursing home level care-give
Complete an assessment
income/ saving eligibility
Georgia Medicaid Waiver require both income and financial limits.
For 2018, the income limit for an individual is $2,250 per month,
If the applicant is married, only the income in the name of the applicant applying for Medicaid will be counted towards the income limit.
The individual asset limit is $2,000.
Some assets are exempt OR “non-countable”>>>>assets such as>>>>the applicant’s home and the land the home is on, as long as the applicant or their spouse lives in the home and the equity value of the home is under $572,000. Burial contract up to $10,000, an automobile, life insurance policies with a face value up to $1,500, household goods, and personal items, such as clothing.
“Countable” or non-exempt assets include total cash on hand, bank accounts, and other liquid investments and retirement accounts.
***PLEASE BE ADVISED*** A couple’s asset(s) are considered jointly owned. However, the respective retirement account of the applicant’s spouse is not counted. Thee nonapplicant spouse is permitted to retain up to $123,600 in financial resources. This is known as the Community Spouse Resource Allowance.
RESOURCES ARE AVAILABLE FOR APPLICANTS WHO EXCEED THE INCOME OR ASSETS LIMITS. The State of Georgia has a Medically Needy Medicaid program that reasoned with individuals with surpassing medical and care costs, although they are over the limits. You may also seek another option through the Medicaid exempt trusts and annuities. Individuals who are seeking this approach should be aware that legal or financial expertise is necessary. Medicaid planning is a great option for those seeking assistance. Types of Medicaid planning and their fees guide..

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